Welcome to Pd-MotionΒΆ

Pd-motion (formely MbLib) is a set of abstractions for Pure Data that helps to manipulate the spatialisation of audio streams and handle head tracking data coming from a Flock of Bird.

This project has been developed within the Action and Perception group of the school of Psychology at Cardiff University. A new audiovisual lab has been created and needed a bit of code in order to be able to use properly the equipments. Pure Data has been chosen for several reasons:

  • able to drive an old Flock of Bird head tracker out of the box
  • Real time capacities
  • Run on Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOsX
  • Open source software

You’ll find several abstractions to manipulate and acquire data from the head tracker, basic filtering, spatialisation, a staircase method and so on. All the objects are supposed to be as generic as possible and should be usable outside of its main purpose in the lab.

Please, download it, study it, improve it and share it!