Welcome to Pd-MotionΒΆ

Pd-motion (formely MbLib) is a set of abstractions for Pure Data that helps to manipulate the spatialisation of audio streams and handle head tracking data coming from a Flock of Bird.

This project has been developed within the Action and Perception group of the school of Psychology at Cardiff University. A new audiovisual lab has been created and needed a bit of code in order to be able to use properly the equipments. Pure Data has been chosen for several reasons:

  • able to drive an old Flock of Bird head tracker out of the box
  • Real time capacities
  • Run on Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOsX
  • Open source software

You’ll find several abstractions to manipulate and acquire data from the head tracker, basic filtering, spatialisation, a staircase method and so on. All the objects are supposed to be as generic as possible and should be usable outside of its main purpose in the lab.